Average Depth: 45ft
Max Depth: 60ft

Breaker’s Reef is considered one of the most spectacular coral reefs in the Palm Beach, Florida area, and gets its name from the famous Breakers Hotel, as it is directly offshore. Located just over 3 miles south from the Palm Beach Inlet, the entire area is covered with shallow patch reef not often seen in the far north. This reef is known for a steep inside wall that rises from 30 feet in the sand to 20 feet on top.

Miles of continuous ledges, undercuts, crevices ranging from 42-60ft in depth lie in wait for divers. The reef runs north to south with a few fingers projected toward shore. It has a 4 to 8 foot ledge covered in barrel sponges and soft corals, and is graced with a statue of King Neptune at the north end of the reef. Breakers Reef is famous for its turtles. There are few places you can go and hope to see loggerheads and hawksbills and green turtles on one dive, but on the Breakers this is quite common. Besides turtles though, rays, eels, sharks and large schools of tropical fish, you can see spotted eagle rays, and countless invertebrates.

This is a dive you can do over and over and see something new each time. Photographers will have endless subjects, whether shooting wide angle or macro. This is a great sight for fish identification

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