Average Depth: 40 ft. 
Max Depth: 80 ft. 

The Danny McCauley Memorial Reef has been deployed in less than 80 feet of water just north of the Lake Worth inlet with the intention of adding to a series of wrecks/reefs easily accessible to all divers on the drift dives the area is famous for. This World War II vintage tugboat, formerly called the Pocahontas, was deployed perfectly upright with the bow facing south. It was sunk February 22nd, 2013 due to the combined efforts of the McCauley Family, Palm Beach County Diving Association, and Palm Beach County Artificial Reef Program.

This 130ft ice class tug is now home to Goliath grouper, tropical fish and new sponge growth. Forever known as the Danny McCauley Memorial Reef, this wreck memorializes the short life of a local teen and is already a local favorite. The tugboat sits in 74 feet of seawater with the deck in the 50 foot range. She is visible on the bottom at approximately 20 feet. A good abundance of marine life, both large and small, have settled around this wreck. Most of the metal is covered in a sheet of algae and encrusting sponges. This is the first step in the buildup of a gorgeous reef system. If the other wrecks and artificial reefs in the near vicinity serve as a clue as to what we can expect, in no time will we start to see many of the colorful colonies of sponges starting to grow in size throughout this wreck

Currents in this area tend to be strong but staying close to the wreck can shield divers and provide god mobility around the site. The engines and operating equipment have all been removed and large holes have been cut in the deck and cabin, making it very open and easily accessible. There are several smaller rooms to peak in and the ladders and stairways. Jagged edges on the steel where torches were used and several ropes and lines left over from deployment should be avoided.

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