Average Depth: 50 ft. / 15 m
Max Depth: 70 ft. / 21 m

The Flower Gardens are located 4.25 nautical miles south of the Palm Beach Inlet. This shallow ledge contains an inside and outside ledge drop. The former has large amounts of sea life and an amazing ecosystem. The outside edge has several fingers and starts at 70 feet and slopes to 42 feet. This side contains large fish in few numbers.

In terms of depth, it is about 52 feet on top of the finger and 70 feet in the sand between. In bright sunshine, it is perhaps the most colorful reef in the area. It has an amazing ecosystem with large fish, sponges, corals, and schools of grunts. All the common reef fish are in abundance too.

Dropping in near the “Fish Bowl”, divers get usually surrounded by hundreds of fish. Below, eels and scorpion fishes, along with many other marine lives at the bottom, accentuate the rich biodiversity of the reef. The east side of it, a hundred feet or so from the western edge of the reef, is nowhere near as fishy as the western side, but what it lacks in fish it more than makes up in luscious corals. The eastern side of Flower Gardens looks like an underwater rain forest. The area is a great hiding spot for sea turtles and quite often divers comes across the great hammerhead shark cruising back in the area.

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