Average Depth: 115 ft. / 35 m
Max Depth: 140 ft. / 43 m

The Guy Harvey was a 185-foot Haitian freighter, which was built in Holland in 1957 and originally christened the M/V Lady Kimberly. She was used to carry island cargo to and from Haiti. In 1997, Guy Harvey, a renowned marine artist, together with the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo towed the vessel from Port au Prince to Ft Lauderdale. She was then renamed The Guy Harvey because of the financial help from the artist needed to make her into an artificial reef.

The ship sits upright with the bow pointing south. Large fish murals were painted by world renowned wildlife artist Guy Harvey. Guy Harvey painted sharks and other game fish along the outside of the ship before she was sunk May 10, 1997 in 140 feet of water to form an artificial reef. White paint was used to stand out against the ocean blue; however, they have since been covered with growth. This is a deep dive and borderlines a Tech. Dive.

The wreck is located 3.5 miles south of Hillsboro Inlet. Her top deck is 110 feet below the surface. Barracudas, Hogfish, and lobsters make this wreck their home. This dive is reserved for advanced divers only, great for technical diving and super penetration.

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