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Tunnels: The dive site that has been labeled “Tunnels” sums up World Class Diving at its best. Jupiter Scuba Diving has become known for its large aquatic life encounters and this diving great explains why.

Soon after the drop as divers approach the first “tunnel” Reef Sharks are the greeters to see who the visitors are. Spear fishermen are warned that this is no place to shoot a fish unless one is prepared to deal with half a dozen ‘friends” looking for a free meal. For the sightseer, this greeting is quick as a wink, you should be looking to the East as you approach the ledge. Sharing the first tunnel area are usually three to five (3-5) goliath groupers who, being quite shy, slowly moving West over the sand as the divers approach. The slower we go, the more likely we are to get a close look at these behemoth fish. Moving North along the ledge divers almost always encounter schools of Atlantic Spadefish.

Most divers kick North up the reef and by pass all the action that tends to congregate at the beginning of this dive. For the diver that understands slow and steady wins the race and has the awareness to not just get fixated on the ledge itself but scan to the east and to the west, they will be rewarded with some of those most amazing up close large aquatic life encounters than anywhere else in the world. You may also hear many locals talk about “the Donut”, which is a section near the end of this reef that the Caribbean Reef Sharks have made claim. Though seeing these magnificent creatures parade in and out of the “Donut” hole like a clown car is an amazing thing to witness, don’t get baited into going for broke and bypassing all the goodies between the opening Tunnel and the “Donut” itself.

A diver might find reef sharks napping in the Hole or cruising to the east of the Hole. Goliath Groupers like to hide under the small ledge. Nurse sharks know this spot well. Loggerhead turtles find refuge here, sometimes right next to a nurse shark or a reef shark. Gag groupers and black groupers hunt in this area. The Donut Hole is a phenomenal end to this unparalleled dive.

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