Max Depth: 71-80ft / 22-24m
Average Viz: 26-30ft / 8-9m

Shark Canyon is part of a reef known as the Cathedral. It’s located off the coast of Palm Beach Florida USA. Comprised of a parallel set of ledges, the reef starts around 65’, drops to 74’ where it plateaus, then drops again to 90’, creating an unusual reef that attracts lots of action.

Shark Canyon is, as the name implies, the place to see sharks. Once the site of shark dive operators, who would chum the waters in order to attract the apex predators, this practice is now outlawed but the sharks still congregate. Caribbean Reef Sharks, specifically, can be found there and it’s the home of one large grouper. The sharks are not shy about approaching and usually turn away when about 3 feet from divers. Shark sizes range from 4 – 6 feet in length. Larger sport fish also frequent the dive; eagle rays, nurse sharks, reef sharks, goliath grouper and schooling barracuda are all regulars.

The ledges are draped with soft coral flowing in the current, accented by sponges in lavender, burgundy and orange. In the midst of schooling tropicals, jacks and spadefish, a cavalcade of the big fellows also glides by. Turtles are almost a given on just about any Palm Beach dive, but at Shark Canyon extremely rare leatherback turtle encounters have been reported. On a good day, this dive ranks high on anyone’s favorite Florida dives list.

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