Average Depth: 65 ft. 
Max Depth: 80 ft. 

Scarface: The dive site referred locally as “Scarface” is named for a legendary scarred Green Moray Eel that has taken up residence at this Jupiter Scuba Diving favorite.

“Scarface” is a high-ledge dive site that is a little shallower than Captain Mike’s or Area 51. The ledge faces the traditional west as do most of the ledges in these waters. At 65′ on top of the ledge and 80′ at the sand, it is a great site for novice to experienced drift divers. For the new-comers, the top of the ledge has a series of bowls that are home to many species of tropical fish. Sixty (60) different species are the norm here. Five(5) species of angel fishes, three (3) species of butterfly fishes, three (3) species of hamlets, several species of Wrasses, five or six (5-6) species of Grunts, Yellowhead Jawfishes, barracuda, southern rays, Atlantic Spadefish, Yellowtail Snapper, Blennies, Gobies and many more all call “Scarface” home.

Experienced divers enjoy poking around under the ledges for the napping Loggerhead Turtles, Nurse Sharks, or “Scarface’s” Green Moray Eel offspring (often five to six feet long) who may be guarding a hole or free-swimming in search of a meal. With the gorgeous, easy to navigate ledge, and so many fish and other marine critters, “Scarface” is drift-diving crowd-pleaser.

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