Average Depth: 70 ft. 
Max Depth: 90 ft. 

The Jupiter Wreck Trek is an area one mile north of Jupiter Inlet that connects several wrecks with each other. A dive plan most often done is spending about ten minutes on each wreck seeing them all in one dive.

This site is made up of 3 wrecks which lay in 90 ft of water all within swimming (drifting) distance of each other. Your dive begins on the Zion, a small freighter listing on its port side. Your dive continues as you make way slight North East towards an upside down barge known as Miss Jenny. As you leave the Miss Jenny counter back to the west and you will intercept the star of the show the Esso Bonnaire. She sits fully upright and is the largest of the three ships.

There is plenty of reef and wildlife to see on this dive including lemon sharks and goliath grouper if you go during the appropriate seasons. In addition to the Goliath Grouper activity the wrecks also attract Hammerhead Sharks, Bull Sharks, Spotted Eagle Ray and numerous other large aquatic life.

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