Average Depth: 50 ft. / 15 m
Max Depth: 80 ft. / 24 m

The Sheridan lies within the Pinellas #2 Artificial Reef Site and is just 100 yards southeast of the USCG Blackthorn. The Sheridan is a breathtaking artificial reef. It lies in 50 – 80 feet (15 – 24 meters) of water.

The tug Sheridan remains intact, and many divers consider this 180-foot steel tug West Central Florida’s best wreck dive. The tug lists about 50 degrees to starboard with its prop in place. The top of the wreck can be reached at 25-30 feet. The wreck is surrounded by concrete culverts and tires. The Sheridan is a haven for large game fish housing goliath grouper and barracuda. Walls of cigar minows moving like giant clouds inter-mingling with a myriad of fish such as Spanish mackeral, amberjack, trigger fish, and crevelle jack can be seen. It is also home to some sharks frequenting the area.

This is a great spot to take pictures of some large grouper. Visibility is at its peak between the months of March and July. Providing no major storms strike the Gulf during the summer months, visibility can be very good up through November. Advanced wreck divers will enjoy exploring the open compartments.

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