Average Depth: 60 ft. 
Max Depth: 100 ft. 

Blue Grotto Spring and dive resort is primarily a SCUBA diving destination, featuring a large clear water cavern located in a sinkhole. It plunges down to a depth of 100 feet (30 meters) in crystal clear water with a temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) year-round. Only open water diving certification is necessary as Blue Grotto is a relatively safe cavern dive, featuring permanent guide lines, underwater lighting, and a submerged air bell, providing a unique dive experience.

The dive begins at the mouth of the cavern, which is 80ft wide and 20ft high. Its topside with the sharp blue of the pool justifies why Blue Grotto is well known for its exceptional visibility year round. Thirty feet below the surface is the only air bell available to spring divers in the region, filled with fresh compressed air that allows for a unique opportunity to stop and talk with a companion under the water. Descending from there, at 50ft a permanent guideline brings the diver to the crescent shaped cavern where an array of fossils along the walls of the camber and an abundance of aquatic life waiting for a free hand-out can be experienced.

Instructors are welcome to use Blue Grotto’s training platforms in the shallower part of Blue Grotto or the training pool. The nature surrounding Blue Grotto is great for having a picnic with the family or friends. You can enjoy a relaxing BBQ after some great dives or stay the night in one of their cabins by the pool. RV and tent camping is also available onsite.

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