Average Depth: 15 ft. 
Max Depth: 30 ft. 

Nine Foot Stake is particularly known for its shallow waters ranging an average depth of between 12 and 29 feet. The reef is marked by a nine-foot piling (hence the name) and is one mile west of #1 Marker.

This Key West dive spot is fantastic for capturing some rather spectacular photography. With its easy proximity to Key West FL, it makes this good destination for family snorkelling or diving trips. It’s also a great choice for a Florida Keys diving site at night.  It’s also a good second dive choice after wreck diving on the Cayman Salvage Master.

There are many exciting varieties of sea life at this site. Brain coral with six-foot diameters as well as juvenile pelagic life are unique to the area. Because of its location in relation to Key West, this is a popular site for night diving and provides a home to several nocturnal species such as hermit crabs, nudibranchs, anemones, and brittle stars. There are also the remnants of a small lighthouse with piling scattered and coral mounds that rise over 12 feet. These aspects provide protection for reef fish such as Spanish hogfish, yellow goatfish, and blue tags as well as large barracudas. This is a great dive for viewing schools of fish but also for observing individual tropical reef fish that may be of interest. There are two mooring buoys, one at each end of a set of coral fingers.

Nine Foot Stake is one of the most popular dive sites off the coast of Key West. Avid divers who choose to visit this site can observe a variety of fascinating forms of aquatic life while swimming next to a stunning coral reef. Boaters who wish to moor at this site must secure their anchors in the sand in order to avoid damaging the reef.

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