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Venice: Dive for Sharks Teeth

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These fossilized shark’s teeth were shed by sharks that lived approximately 2-16 million years ago. The Carcharodon Megalodon shark teeth have been found in excess of 7 ½ inches in slant length (tip of blade to the edge of the root). As shark skeletons are cartilage, there are no fossilized remains of sharks except for their teeth. The rule of thumb is 10 feet of fish per inch of tooth, meaning Megalodons could have exceeded 70 feet in length. A modern day Great White shark rarely reaches a length greater than 22 feet. Sharks have 5 to 6 rows of teeth with approximately 300 teeth in their mouth. Through the course of their life time, they shed approximately 24,000 teeth.

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Address: 303 E Venice Ave., Venice, Florida 34285


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Mar 21 2023


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