Reef Safe Sunscreens: Also Saving Your Eyes

by | May 8, 2018

Ever found yourself scuba diving blind for 30 seconds because you cleared your mask and your eyes are now burning so badly that you have them squeezed tightly shut, just waiting for your tears to flush out the problem? Were you also praying that your dive buddy wasn’t looking, and that you had your buoyancy under control because you had no idea during that 30 seconds if you were descending or ascending?

You figured it was the seawater that was burning, right? Damn that salt water.

Guess what? It wasn’t the seawater. It was probably the chemicals from your sunblock, leaking into your eyes from your cheeks, nose and forehead.

If it burns your eyes that badly, can you imagine what it does to sealife?

You already know that a shark can detect one drop of blood in a swimming pool right? Well just one drop of oxybenzone in half a dozen swimming pools is enough to devastate coral.


Option 1: Rerain from using sunblock on your face. Get burned.

Option 2: Try to remember to wipe your forehead with a towel just before you jump off the boat.

Option 3: Use a reef friendly sunblock without chemicals like Oxybenzone. Not only can you wear it without your eyes stinging – but you will avoid damaging the reef.

Two problems – one easy solution:

Use a mineral based sunscreen like Stream-2-Sea. Do your part to protect the oceans. Say “No!” to oxybenzone based sunscreens (AKA benzophenone-3).

The reef will thank you – and so will your eyes!

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