Scuba Diver ID Tags for BCDs

by | Dec 4, 2017

We love supporting great innovation in the scuba industry, and not just from the big corporate dive companies. You’d be amazed how often scuba divers come up with ideas themselves to resolve a particular problem they’ve noticed that everyone else seems to be ignoring.

The Scuba Tag was such an idea. The tag is made of high quality, anodized aluminum attaches to your BCD and contains important identifying information such as your name, blood type, DAN membership number, emergency contact – and whatever else you’d like to include. There are up to 8 lines.

These tags are not only a great way for dive operators to know which BCD is yours when you’re on the boat, but if for some reason you should suffer a dive emergency, all of your critical information will be to hand for first responders. If you don’t like the idea of a large tag flapping around on your BCD, then you can attach it to your dive bag. They also make great key chains.

There is now also a “Diver Down” tag, and the idea behind this is simple: Give the tag to the dive operator and ask them not to leave until you collect it. It would be a great system for dive captains to know that everyone is onboard – if everyone were to have one.

The Scuba Tag


Scuba Diver tag charges charge a $6.00 set up fee for the 1st tag that you purchase. Every tag costs $13.95 regardless of whether it’s a standard tag or a Diver Down Tag®. Just pay one set up fee for each person and you can order as many tags of any type that you want for $13.95 each.

Great idea for a scuba buddy Christmas gift! Visit now to order yours.