Average Depth: 50 ft. 
Max Depth: 65 ft. 

Montgomery’s Reef: Located about 8.5 nautical miles from the Mayport Jetties in depths to 65 feet, this is a favorite for spear fishing. With smaller natural reefs as well, the site attracts tropical fish and those who like to hunt for shells will like this site.

The reef area consists of over one dozen shipwrecks including a 120-foot barge and an upside-down barge. Depths are generally around 65 feet on these wrecks although some have profiles that can be reached at less depth. The 63 foot barge Reliance, the Culvert Reef and Thunderdome are some of the sections forming this artificial reef area. There are at least a dozen wrecks, one of which is an upside down 120 foot barge. Some of the wrecks are sitting shallower than 65 feet.

For decades fisherman have come to this spot to fish for 20-pound grouper, as well as snapper, cobia, amberjack, and sheepshead. There are many smaller reefs in this location, which draw tropical fish attracted to the smaller, natural reefs and lots of shells are found in these areas as well. A nice well—rounded dive site.

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