Average Depth: 95 ft. 
Max Depth: 110 ft. 

Blackmar’s Reef: Located in depths from 95 to 110 feet, this is not a novice dive site. Blackmar’s Reef is composed of five large wrecks, two airplanes, and some small natural reefs. Among these wrecks, the three largest, the “Warwick”, the “Ocean Going Tug,” and the “Super” all draw spear fishermen who are attracted to the schools of spadefish and amberjacks as well as the grouper and snapper that inhabit the area. Also a Banshee jet fighter and a WWII Corsair are lying intact in the area making for some fantastic underwater photography.

Blackmar is a diverse scuba site that is both man-made and the work of nature. Complementing the five large wrecks that include airplanes, a super barge, a tug, and even a ferry boat are natural limestone reefs with soft coral growth. Even though the reefs are not exceptionally large, it tends to be a magnet for a diverse range of marine life. Lobsters ranging from six to eight pounds can often be found among the corals on the bottom. Visibility is superb at about 100 yards so some great underwater photography can be had.

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