Average Depth: 30 ft. 
Max Depth: 55 ft. 

Crocker Reef (AKA Davey, Davie, Davy Crocker Reef) is approximately 400 yards to the north of a red buoy with the number 16 on it. There are no mooring buoys at this dive site. This means you’ll have to throw the anchor, just be sure you have it land in the sandy areas that surround the coral. It’s located 5 ½ miles southeast of Windley Key.

Crocker Reef ranges in depth from 35 to 110 feet. Remarkable elements such as formations of staghorn corals and swaying gorgonians add to the beauty of this dive. The reef is also marked by many small canyons, which are a result of natural formation. This is a very large reef covering enough area to be broken in to several separate reefs. You’ll see large stands of staghorn coral, many large branching gorgonian corals dancing to the pull of the current, many small canyons formed by the spur and groove formations with the sand dividing them from one another. The big treat is the rare black coral growing on the wall in the deeper water.

Noteworthy components of this site include Crocker Wall, where a diver will find an abrupt drop from 55 to 90 feet. The wall is located on the south side of Crocker Reef and is a good sea slope dive. Some of the sea life to be seen in the area is grouper, yellowtail, grunts, rays, turtles and large barrel sponges. Seafans and gorgonians are a common sight along the wall. Additionally, divers will find spur-and-groove coral and block coral on the wall.

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