Average Depth: 110 ft.
Max Depth: 180 ft.

The Captiva Blue Hole, popularly, and misleadingly, known as “The Crack” has a circular opening that begins at 85 feet and bottoms out at 180 feet.

Approximately 32 miles southwest of Boca Grande and just a few miles from the USS Mohawk, the ancient blue hole features numerous undercuts in the shaft’s limestone walls, harboring everything from octopus to regal sea goddess nudibranchs to moray eels. And since Florida’s gulf waters are always teeming with oversized creatures, don’t be surprised if a dive into the Blue Hole finds you face to face many Goliath Grouper or a giant loggerhead turtle napping under a ledge. At the north end of the hole is a slide or slope as opposed to the vertical walls of the rest of the site.

Experienced divers can circumnavigate the rim in one dive. Visibility down in the hole can drop to zero in the freshwater layer.

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