Blue Heron Bridge: Hello Easy Tide Info!

by | Jul 5, 2017

Trying to find high, slack-tide information for Blue Heron Bridge at Phil Foster Park in Palm Beach can be a pain in the neck!

First, you have to download a copy of the official tide predictions for the west palm beach area. Then you have to look up the page for the month and then the day (hopefully you’re looking at the right year) and even then, the tables can be hard to read if you’re not used to them. LIke which number is the number for the high tide, and which for the low tide? Take a look:


Does this look like fun!? What if you get it wrong Oh wait, yeah, this is for 2017.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just see it visually instead? Or just be told in plain English, “Tomorrow, high tide is at 8am. That’s in 3 hours.”

So, how about this instead:

Blue Heron Bridge High Tides


No headache there. Now you can easily see both high and low tides for each day. That’s right, it happens twice a day. Except when it doesn’t.

Our updated Blue Heron Bridge page provides tidal info in this exact format for the next 57days.

So next time your planning to go scuba diving at Blue Heron Bridge on Singer Island, forget those tide tables. Just head over to our Blue Heron Bridge page and check out the high tides. Bookmark it now, and you’ll have it when you need it. If you’re old-school and you prefer the full set of print tables, these are also available for download on the same page.

Win win. You’re welcome!