Average Depth: 40 ft.
Max Depth: 50 ft.

Radio Tower Pyramids: Ben Mastkoff, Director of the Artifical Reef program for the Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM), designed the pyramids from sections of radio towers once used by Radio Mambi. The nineteen steel and concrete radio towers were sunk in 1988. The pyramids rest in 50 feet of water and each rises about 20 feet from the bottom.

Ben’s goal was to attract marine life and reef formation quickly and he succeeded in creating a popular dive spot off of Miami Beach. Often this site is called Ben’s Antenna Reef. Several dive charters include this spot in a Wreck Trek because several other wrecks (Miss Patricia/Miss Karline) and artificial reefs (Rock Pile) are nearby. Numerous fish inhabit the pyramids both day and night.

The twenty foot high tetrahedron shaped antennas rise to 30 foot from the surface and are great impressive structures to navigate around. These pyramid structures have known to maximize surface area for its current flow, creating perfect conditions for aquatic life to increase in number. All the large and smaller concrete blocks have created an area where juvenile fish have great chances to grow, being fed and breed.

The site is often used by navigational trainee divers as the antennas are still capable of interfering with your compass.

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