Scuba Schedules Offers Highly Targeted Visibility:

Retail Stores and Dive Charters:

Advertising with Scuba Schedules is a no brainer for retail stores and dive charters.

Firstly, we offer an advertising space that’s so hyper local, your ad will be relevant to the majority of visitors who are using the page. That’s because even within Florida, we break the state down into nine regions. You only need to advertise in the region where you have a presence.

So if you’re offering an Advanced Open Water course in Orlando, you’d advertise only on the “Central Florida” regional page. If your diving charter is in Key Largo, you’d advertise only on the “Upper Keys” regional page–not even the lower keys–it’s that specific.

Secondly, a link from the ad will go directly to your website. This not only directs the diver to your website, but provides a valuable ‘link-back’ to your site which will enhance the position of your own site in Google’s SEO page rankings. (You can read more about the value of links on our blogging guidelines page.)

Finally, you’ll get automatic premium placement on our Dive Calendar. This means that users will never have to “Click More” to see you once the maximum number of events for the day (4) has been reached).

Three benefits from one affordable ad. Why wouldn’t you?


The home page, plus each of our regions may be sponsored by a “big brand” in the scuba diving industry: Sherwood, Atomic (see below), Aqualung, Zeagle, Mares, Cressi, Oceanic, Aqualung, ScubaPro, etc. Sponsor one, or sponsor them all. These high visibility images always appear at the bottom of the page, like this:


For more info email:




If you have an online booking account with either Peek or Fare Harbor, and you are a Scuba Schedules partner, then you will likely have permanent, free advertising on Scuba Schedules as well as a “Book Now” button on the calendars.

Need help getting your booking calendar up and running? Just ask – there’s no charge.

This is a typical sidebar placement spot.

Ads appear on each regional page.

First come, first served!

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