(Divers Are Booking While You Sleep.)

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Example of Peek Pro Booking Dive Calendar



Fare Harbor / Peek Pro = Confirmed Bookings

Already a Fare Harbor / Peek customer? Here’s a live example of how we interface: Check out the listing from this charter operation in Key West. When divers click on the green Book Now button, they are automatically redirected to the charter’s OWN FH / Peek account. It’s seamless and efficient. No extra work involved. Bookings appear directly on your dashboard and indicate that they have come from Scuba Schedules. From there, just deal with them the way you would any other diver.


No Fancy Booking Software? = “Reservation Inquiry”

If your dive operation doesn’t allow for a system like the ones above, that’s ok. You can still list your “base” trips directly with Scuba Schedules. Instead of a confirmed booking, we’ll send you a “Reservation Request” when divers express interested in one of your trips. You can then follow up and take the booking directly. Click here to see an example Reservation Request.

(If you are interested in a ‘proper’ booking system but just haven’t got around to hit yet, give us a shout. We can assist in setting you up with a state-of-the-art calendar at no charge, because once you have a system like this in place, not only will you love it, but Scuba Schedules can interface with it, and send divers directly from our site to your booking account.)


None of the Above? You Can Still Add / Edit Your Listing!

Not interested in divers – but still want to keep (or edit) your FREE listing? No problem. Update your listing any time by sending an email to If you’re adding your a trip for the first time, you’ll need to register first using the button above.


Do Something… Anything, Really.

Divers are up late at night, long after your phone has gone to voicemail. Any option that allows them to take action when they are most interested is better than hoping they will leave a voicemail. To explore options, just click the “Register” button above, and we’ll help you figure out what works best for your operation. Everybody’s different. No pressure!

“Book now, Book now!”

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